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What's wrong with him???

This guy used to ignore me until he saw me at a wedding last month. He'd take glances at me every now and then, but later he stood ahead of a trail and stared at me as I walked closer and closer. Even when I looked back, he just kept staring and smiling. Since this was felt uncomfortable, I politely spoke to him, but he was rude and denied everything.

I saw him again yesterday, and even though he wasn't staring, he kept smiling at me again??

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  • 5 months ago

    he was probably embarrassed you caught him looking

  • kristy
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    5 months ago

    He’s crazy, that’s what’s wrong with him

  • 5 months ago

    Most men are vain and will notice you once you put your makeup on with a nice cleavage or dress. If you like the guy approach him, say hi as you own the place and know how hot and amazing you are. Make him feel inadequate that he did't notice you for all that time. See what happens. If he is only about looks don't bother, but if he is a nice guy that just woke up after all those months/years give it a shot. You have only one life, so live without regrets.

  • 5 months ago

    He probably has a crush on you but doesn’t know what to do. He probably doesn’t realize that his staring at you is creeping you out. Everytime you catch him doing it and he’s close by enough I would say “can I help you?” If you make him answer then he will realize what he’s doing.

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