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Urgent, My husband is trapping me? Please help !!?

From last 4 to 5 years my husband business is constantly going into losses. He always say that his friends take money from him on loan and they ran away. In 2012 one of his friend take money from my husband around 9 lacks and he ran away.

Then my husband told me that he will never give money to his friends on loan. After few years he said he wanted to open finance company and then after few months he said one of his friend ran away with 1 lack rupees. Now again he say he will not give loan to anyone. Then few incident again happen like this. W My family also trying to stop him by doing such things and giving loans to his friends but now finally we are on stage where we are in 20 lacks of loans.

He again repeated that few of people ran away with his money again around 20 lacks and now he wanted to sell our house and run his business. Please guide me.I suspect that he is lying to me. I am not getting what to do I am confused. Please guide me away how to overcome this situation? Please help.

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    Run. Something is fishy.

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