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Please answer?

Hey im 13, I have kidney disease (Alport syndrome) and today i had a check up, he said that protein in the urine (potentially damage to the kidneys). So if there is damage to them (either bad or not bad) what would they do..? Medication or.

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    Currently, there is no specific treatment for Alport syndrome. The goal is to treat the symptoms and help slow the progression of kidney disease. This may include:

    ACE inhibitor or ARB medicines (medications to control high blood pressure)

    Diuretics (water pills)

    Limit sodium (salt) in your diet

    If you are approaching kidney disease because of Alport syndrome, a kidney transplantation is usually very successful in people with Alport syndrome and is considered the best treatment when kidney failure is approaching.

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      there are claims for help with that, if you do a search....I never even heard of this til today......

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    maybe, but seems to me a bit young for something like that. more like mis-diagnosis in the hopes of getting paid for that. Sorry, I don't trust the PILL-PUSHERS, just like grea-great grandma and grandpa called better go get a 2nd opinion. I'm not calling you a liar, I just have to question a diganosis like that, in a young person.

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