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Can’t poop after colonoscopy?

Around 7 days ago I had a colonoscopy (picolax for bowel prep). Last time I had one it took me 4 days to go toilet again. I find it unusual that it’s been a week and I still haven’t gone toilet. Is this odd?

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    The gut will temporarily stop functioning (a condition known as ileus). That can take something like 3-6 days to settle down. After surgery it took me three weeks, and I needed continual IV fluids to prevent dehydration. Suggest you tell your doctor to be on the safe side.

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    Take a docusate (stool softener) for a safe overnight solution. These are safe to use all the time.

    Call you doc just to be safe, and do what they say to do.

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    Seven days is a long time. The first BM or so might be a tough one (constipation; excessive dewatering in the gut). Depends somewhat on what and how much you have been eating. Might have been better advised to have a higher fiber load in your diet during return to normal. Bit late now.

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    1 year ago

    In the next few days you will be full of it again.

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    no they prepared you by giving you a complete blowel flush and had you not eat for so many hours right ?

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