Christians who are against LGBTQ: How specifically do LGBTQ people affect you in your everyday life?

And why are you afraid of them?

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  • 5 months ago

    I am not saying I dislike the people in the LBGT community but I dont approve of what they doi. I belive in the bible and The Almighty God YHWH. The reason how it affects me and my life is....

    They push there immorality infront of non LBGT people and even the innocent children. They push there agenda onto everyone and everything! TV, Schools, Nurserys, Churches etc... It is a touchy subject yet they somehow feel there rights are higher and more privelaged than anyone elses! During a few LGBT festivals they have mocked and scoffed at Jesus Christ who is the GOD of so many people....If you say anything to them they accuse you of being Homophobic. They say Love is above everything and all that garbage, yet in the next breath they show hatrid to the God of many...and blastphem God at there festivals. If they really practiced what they preached they would show the same respect to people as they demand also.

    • sk8terboy1963
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      5 months agoReport

      It's no different from what religious believers do with their woo-woo.

  • Paul
    Lv 6
    5 months ago

    I'm not afraid of them, and they don't affect me at all. However it is pitiful to see them exerting so much effort to have a psychosocial disorder considered normal, which rational people never will do.

  • 5 months ago

    Just crazy fundies hypocrites

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I have no respect for any group who approach people in business in the effort to create problems like a baker sue them and forced them as slaves to do what they do not wish to do. Especially since those people can go to a another baker free of their own accord,. this actions is the reason I cannot accept them as a honest group of people. the LGBTQ have no integrity. Of course the Christian are about the same in their actions demanding to put their 10 commandments in government buildings, BOTH THE SAME TO ME .. now on police cars in god we trust. both using the power of government to force them selves on others..

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I am not against the LGBTQ community at all, but I don’t want the lifestyle forced on me.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    not a Christian here, but I do not want "anyone" asking for special government treatment and the LGBTQ are some of the worst ---- the less power government has the better,, if the LGBTQ were reputable they would help down size and eliminate special treatment.

    to me the LGBTQ and the radical Christians are the same; people self centered all about power over others using big brother government

    • They ask for all kinds catbalou. They want extra "special" bathrooms instead of using the one represented by the 1 of 2 genders God made them.
      That's just a COMMON DAILY example.

      This imaginary 37-gender concept has to die.

  • 5 months ago

    I am a Christian. I am not afraid of LGBTQ people. Neither am I “against” LGBTQ people. How do they affect my life? How do lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people affect the life of Christians? Some Christians are annoyed, others are disgusted, still others are tormented as they are surrounded by the practices of LGBTQ, as in the case of Lot who was vexed. 2 Peter 2:7. The Greek word there means to tire down, to oppress, to afflict. How did their behavior affect Lot? It oppressed him emotionally and spiritually inasmuch as their behavior was offensive to him and to the God he worshipped. Now it is true that some feel being annoyed, disturbed, distressed, or upset does not rise to the level of being really affected on a daily basis. But when such annoyance, disturbance, and distress are minimized or even dismissed, can we rightly say that the feelings of those who are disturbed now have no weight? Has that person been robbed of his or her own feelings?

    Christians try to govern every aspect of their lives by the laws and principles of God as found in his word the Bible. From study, they have come to learn that everything on this planet is interconnected and the behavior of others certainly has an impact on still others. Christians know that the behavior of Adam and Eve had/has an impact on every human today. Now if ones do not accept that, it is perfectly fine. But Christians DO accept that. We are thousands of years removed from Adam and Eve, yet their one act of disobedience affects us physically, genetically, and spiritually. In my state, hands-on cell phone use is illegal. Yet drivers continue to drive with cell phones in hand. Distracted driving is a very real danger and it is very often lethal. If a three car pile-up occurs on “this” expressway, but I am on “that” expressway, does it affect me? Yes. How? Someone is breaking the law, their distraction resulted in an accident with injuries or deaths. Their dismissive attitude toward that law led them to participate in behavior that caused real harm. "Yes, but how did it affect YOU," someone asks. Dismissive attitude toward law always affects me and everybody. It puts everybody in danger. Whether you are being dismissive concerning the law on murder or the law on speeding or the law on hands-on cell phone usage - all seemingly innocuous behavior (except of course for murder which is hardly innocuous) - that dismissive attitude eventually translates into behavior and actions and someone's actions on the road affect everyone else on the road.

    How many individuals and companies have been sued because they would not provide services for gay couples? Wouldn’t bake a cake. Wouldn’t provide wedding flowers. Wouldn’t do wedding invitations. That affects business owners in general. That affects legislation, it affects the justice system, it affects litigation, frivolous and real. And all of that affects every single individual because not one person lives on an island, or in a vacuum, or in lovely isolation.

    But the position that such practices should be perfectly fine with Christians unless Christians are directly, measurably, patently affected is simply replacing the Christian’s standard for life with that of someone else, is that not so? The question arises: why should this personal, subjective standard be allowed to replace the standard of God which the Christian is trying to meet? You see, in the final analysis, for a Christian (and remember, this question has been asked of Christians), the sole authority and right to determine right and wrong behavior, and set standards rests with the Most High God. The standard should not have as a pillar whether and to what extent it ‘personally affects someone on a daily basis.’ That is not the barometer by which to measure what is acceptable and unacceptable for a Christian. Once it is suggested that a Christian should not be bothered by what does not directly affect him, one standard has been replaced by another. How does another human have the right to make that call? For Christians it is not about whether and to what extent it affects each on a daily basis. Anything that is against the law of God disturbs not only a Christian, it disturbs God.

    Hannah J Paul

  • 5 months ago

    I mean, homosexuality in humans doesn't make much sense from Judeo-Christian- Muslim perspectives. Nor does it make much sense from an evolutionary perspective. Also, in my personal experience coming from a community theater background, a lot of my delightful, non standard, non-binary, non traditonal gender loving friends and acquaintances came from.... not normal upbringing. A lot of them had issues in their formative years. Abusive parents, absent parents, etc etc. Now I'm sure there ARE, biological anomalies where someone literally, is hardwired as the opposite sex, brain not wired right, weird hormonal issues, whatever. BUT, my own experience tells me homosexuality in over 50% of cases is likely socio-psychological as opposed to "I was born this way". That said, they may confuse me, but I love them either way. Two of my favorite people ever are a married lesbian couple. I adore them and their love for each other. I would gladly take a bullet for either of them.

    • The government is teaching them to be gay and trans. It starts in kindergarten these days.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    NO one is "afraid of them". Never before in history of this country has homosexuality been more accepted and prevalent, yet here you are trying to act like youre so "opressed" and fighting the "good" fight. Churches are dying exponentially. What is this "phantom" battle you're fighting, in order to push your agenda? It DOESN'T help your cause. People like you are the reason Trump was elected. Fool...

    - not an evangelical christian

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    It is an abomination against the Holy temple of God that is the human body that God gave to those who live on earth. Not against their existence just sad for them because they are confused about their identity and those who have promoted drugs that glorify sex are partly responsible for their suffering.

    I am not disgusted just saddened they do not know who they are and have honorable gay friends and family and do not presume please.

    When was growing up had a friend who was an hermaphrodite and that means they had both sex organs and for your information I was the only one she would talk to and sit with at lunch time. Have family members also who have promoted illegal drugs and illicit sex and it confuses people and is not the way people were made and is sad because they have perverted the very nature of affections that God gave directions for in a marital arrangement to help lead society to be moral and not have crimes against society and there was a time in the beginning when people were innocent and did not do drugs and were happier.

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