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Is this a normal response to anger?

Is this a normal response to anger? Ive always had a big problem controlling my anger when it comes to electronics and technology. Phones not working, laptops freezing, consoles bugging out etc has always been something i have zero patience or tolerance for. Mid to late teens I would respond by simply just punching, throwing or smashing whatever it was that had stopped working. ( which is fine as a kid cause no real consequences). However as I am now 24 years old, I have learnt I cannot keep destroying my own laptops and equipment as it is expensive. So how can i get my anger out? Well, I ve come up with a tactic that works brilliantly, however, im pretty sure its not normal. Whenever something manages to anger me to a level where i would usually hit, break, smash etc, what i instead do is write down on my phone what annoyed me, and save it. Then, later that evening before bed, i look at my saved notes. For every time technology tried to **** with me, ill throw something from my trashbin out of my window and into the flowers below my house, and the cleaner has to clear it all :/ Now i know its childish and whatnot, but tbh, i dont care... the way i see it if life keeps ******* with me by making Microsoft Word not respond when I need it to, Spotify deleting my playlists, Fifa 19 glitching on me, Wifi ******* up etc, then ill just deflect the frustrations and anger onto someone else, whilst simultaneously relieving myseld of said frustrations.

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    Oh this is so common. I get it too. It comes from an expectation that what we have will work and work well. It's technology, right? We have it because it's supposed to make life quicker and easier and then it lets us down, usually at a critical moment when we don't have time to sort it out or take a deep breath and let it go.

    The important thing is to learn NOT to take a hammer to your phone, or hurl your laptop out of the window. That's costly and unproductive and it doesn't solve your problem. So that's the thin red line. Have your moment. Go red in the face, threaten it with all sorts of disaster, but don't do it.

    Suspect you are in US, but there's an old and very funny episode of a famous TV series in UK called Fawlty Towers, in which the lead character's car lets him down at a critical moment. And he grabs a nearby branch, shouts at the car, saying he's warned it before, but that now he's going to give it a 'damned good thrashing'. And beats the car with the branch. Of course, it doesn't make the car go, but I guess it makes him feel better.

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