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Several questions about care for fresh water tank?


I have a 55 gallon aquarium. I have a constant algae problem. I purchased a uv filter which took care of the green algae but brown algae starts to show up after a month of cleaning. What to do?

Update 2:

I have a under gravel filter, is this necessary anymore? I have a duel outside filter that I change out the cartridges every month.

Update 3:

I do not over feed my fish.

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    Dont change the cartridges unless they are falling apart! Every 1-3 months, take out one cartridge and rinse it. then put it back, then rinse a different one out next time. You only need to change them if they are falling to peices.

    Algea is a harmless plant. Algae grows for different reasons, find out why its growing if you really want it gone. There is probobly a reason.

    Brown algae - is your tank cycled and staying cycled? what are the results of tests for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite?

    other algae - lights should not be on more then 8 hours. You may be over feeding, we all do it somtimes, you may be over stocked, you may have too much detritus stuck in too much gravel. Most aquarium lights suck!, they wash out colors and promote algae, get Aqua glow bulbs.

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    You have too much sunlight. You could paint the back of your tank with that frosted aquarium paint. If brown, then more aquarium light. Plus scrapping.

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    I kinda think @noseless answered most of your question.

    Light grows algae, waste fertilizes algae,

    bad lighting grows more brown algae, especially especially if it's on for hours.

    If you don't have live plants, you don't need light at all; maybe just a couple hours around the time you are usually looking at the tank.

    If you overfeed, stop it.

    If you overclean the filter, stop it.

    Use a gravel vacuum, but don't change too much water; 30% usually enough.

    If you have too many fish or they're too big, do something about it.

    And stop overfeeding. (No, I didn't forget I said that already)

    I haven't used an undergravel in 30 years. But you have to have enough overall filtration; if you don't, then keep it.

    And stop overfeeding (crap, did it again, still on purpose though)

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    This is about the fifth attempt for answering this questions, but I'm having problems posting tonight.

    One big issue it might be the light in your house.... you might want to check with light meter for quality, pureness, what spectrum etc. another idea is to bring a jar of tank water down to aquarium store and have them tested for asking their advice. See what they can come up with it could be just a Perfect storm of just enough light ..... just enough fish .. and their waste not to mention the daily nutrients from the food added. Your tank may be just the right temperature and circulating at the perfect aerating speed which is accelerating the algae to grow beyond what people normally would ever see.

    I had that issue one time where I had my gorgeous new shaped tank near our southern window ..l and I came home three days later and have an inch and a half long alge growing wildly from all surfaces and everywhere not normally where it grows. The fish were fine they loved it but couldn't see anything through the glass.

    Good luck and keep your cool though this's frustrating at best. You just happen to have the perfect storm of just enough light just enough fish and their Waite and nutrients, heat and all..... from the food off and the algae grows beyond what people normally see.

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