Do you think it's weird or hypocritical for a vegetarian to own a pet that has to hunt prey, like a cat?

I'm vegetarian and thinking of getting a cat. I follow my diet because I can't stand
any animals suffering, but I understand fully that cats are carnivores and require meat. Cats are like my favourite animals, so I really want to own one. But I am vegetarian...
Update: @M'aiq The Liar- with a username like that, how exactly is anyone going to take you seriously?
Update 2: @Nekkid Truth I clearly said vegetarian, not vegan! There's a difference between the two and you should know that.
Update 3: @Frank No you're the idiot! Being vegetarian is actually healthier. I didn't think I would need to bring this into my question, but maybe for twits like you...
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