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thrash asked in Consumer ElectronicsTVs · 11 months ago

Why won't my old Phillips TV in my motel room not let me access it's menu or channel three or four?

It's an old TV from back before flat screens and I try to plug my ps2 into it but I cannot access channel 3 or 4 to play my ps2, it reads "channel 3 not available" and also the remote control does not have a menu button and the TV itself has a menu button, but it doesn't activate the menu. How can I get around this? And please serious answers and advice please. Do not troll on here with dumbass answers or comments, yes I know the motel sucks for having an old *** tv.

2 Answers

  • 11 months ago

    The TV is probably one of the old models that is pre-programmed for the cable system in the motel. You should not be coming here to ask this...…. you should have gone down to the front desk and asked. Think about it. Do you really think you are the only person - the first person - in the last 30 years that has stayed at that hotel and wanted to connect something up?

    If the front desk says the motel's system wont let you connect...… ask the front desk if you can have maintenance swap out the tv for a more modern one - or - change rooms for one with a modern tv.

    You could also visit best buy, wal mart, Costco, and buy a new 24-28 inch monitor for under $80 or get a used 32" one for under $80.

    • thrash11 months agoReport

      I did ask. Maintenance guy couldn't speak English when they sent him to my room. I don't think they have any others to swap out. They even said I can't bring my own. That's why I'm here asking. I figured there could be like a new TV chip or something I could buy to gain full control of the TV

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  • Mark
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    Wow. Flat-screen TVs have been common for 15 years. You must be staying in a real fleabag if they have a cathode ray tube TV.

    Did you (gasp) ask the front desk what to do, or did you immediately come here?

    • thrash11 months agoReport

      The women that work up front are rude and not helpful. The one woman that is helpful doesn't come in until tomorrow afternoon and I was just wanting to solve this issue while I wait for her if it was possible

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