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How do I hook up my phone to my tv so I can watch tv from my phone? No smart tv.?

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    Aside from spacemissing's answer, you could turn your TV into a smart TV by adding a Google Chromecast. Amazon FireStick/FireTV may also work, but (I have both), the Chromecast is somewhat easier to connect to an Android phone (read: I never bothered to try to find out how to cast through the Amazon stick, although I'm using it for everything else).

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    You don't.....

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    6 months ago

    That would depend on the phone & tv involved.

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  • 6 months ago

    The deal is that ---

    now, read this Slowly ---

    IF BOTH your TV AND your phone are "MHL compatible",

    you can use an MHL adapter to connect them.

    (Read that again.)


    Otherwise, forget it.

    That passes signals From the Phone To the TV,

    but Not from the TV to the phone.

    That's as good as it gets.

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