if your adversaries see time twice as slow as you do, does that mean you see it twice as fast as they do ?

1:1 is the normal reality ratio of how we perceive time without no interference/advanage/disadvantage for anybody.

inside 60 seconds, in that time frame - neither you nor I, will be able to defy the laws of physics or cross the boundaries of what is humanly possible to achieve given our limitations.

what if though, for instance, entity 'x' views entity 'y but sees everything x2 slower than really is ? is that possible ?

60 seconds will pass by for both x and y.

but x says it felt as though it took 1 hour!

y says 'no way! we've only been speaking for 1 minute!'

how the hell could this ever be possible ?

in other words, the ability to slow down everything around you to give yourself 'more time' to think, judge, decide and react - to counter another persons actions or w/e , that cannot possibly happen ! ^_^

major wtf moment this.

if one could slow down time around them, what does that actualy, or would it imply ? what rules need to be adhered to in physics as we know it ? and what laws would need to be changed (if any at all) ?

something doesn't sit right with me on this. Its impossible right ? thats what I just told a colleague of mine. Its sci fi b/s lol


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  • 6 months ago
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    If two observers are moving near the speed of light relative to each other, each one will see time going slower for the other person. The closer to the speed of light, the slower time passes for the other person relative to you. This is special relativity.

    • my brain basically 'froze' after reading:

      ' If two observers are moving near the speed of light relative to each other '



      unfreeze my brain heh


      thanks though Jeffrey K.

      maybe now you can discuss black hole theory with me too ^_^


  • 6 months ago

    yay! i undid anonymous ! it was I ! Mr Anfield The Great Aces who asked this ! ^_^


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