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How can you tell if you’re in ketosis or not?

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    A reliable way to be sure is to have your urine checked. The kidney can only absorb a certain percentage of circulating ketones before they "spill" over into the urine. Most medical supply stores and drug stores actually sell urine strips that will tell you, based on color, whether there are ketones in your urine.

    Ketosis is a very inefficient state and more concerning, its a low glucose state which depending on severity can be dangerous. Your brain needs glucose which is why people can seize if their glucose gets too low.

    I recommend seeing a nutritionist to see if he/she can give you guidance on how and what to eat so that you can keep your glucose levels more stable. Foods with a highly gylcemic index are quickly broken into simple sugars, raising glucose sharply but then dropping off quickly as well. It may be that something with more protein and fat, like a peanut butter sandwich would provide more consistent energy throughout the day.

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    Your breath tends to smell as you breathe out ketones.

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    Testing your blood or urine with ketone test strips. That is actually the only way to truly know whether or not your body is in ketosis. People who are really, really into this purchase a blood testing device like type I diabetics use and the ketone test strips and test their blood. This can be expensive.

    Most people on a keto diet don't do this. What they do instead is track their net carbs and assume they are in ketosis if they keep their net carb consumption under 20 grams a day.

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    ketone test strips.

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    DEBM better than Keto

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