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Can I be a doctor without being good at Math?

I want to be a doctor but I know for myself that I suck at Math but I am willing to learn otherwise. So, with that being said,what Maths will I be dealing with when learning to be a doctor?

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    you can't really get through the educational track without learning how to do at least basic calculus, for any science, and medicine is a science. Once you get through it, you can then turn into areas where you do not often need to use calculus, but no program would allow you to go through without at least successfully passing a course or two on calculus. You need if for getting through the fundamentals of other sciences, particularly physics and chemistry. You don't need to be an expert. You do need to be competent or at minimum understand and be able to do the simpler things.

    The issue here is that you claim to suck at math, which I can't judge one way or the other, but there is "I find it hard" and "I simply cannot ever do it" suck level. If you cannot ever do it, you won't be able to handle any chemistry or physics either, so stay away from the sciences and engineering. If it is just difficult and takes a lot of work, well, then you have to decide whether you are willing to work hard enough to achieve your goal. Most of us are willing to work that hard. It isn't like it comes easy to most people, after all.

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    Yes because you need to know chemistry, and there is a lot of math in chemistry. That's just one, obvious reason.

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    You do not need to know maths to be a good doctor. I think Faraday did not know maths. Churchil, the British prime minister did not know decimals well. Maths is not a criteria to be good in any field.

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    No. I think it will never happen.

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    Assign an attendant to do the pre and post op sponge count?

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    as long as you don't mind killing a few people with the wrong dose .

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