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How can you survive on $26 an hour as a nurse in Charlotte Nc when you are not amrried and have no children?

the position is full time (7a-7p). Is that enough for a woman to survive? she has no kids at 25


not married (amrried was incorrect)

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    That is $1040 a week, $4160 a month, $48,000 + per year. You should be able to do fine on that kind of money in Charlotte, NC. But that does not mean you can go buy a new Mustang, live in a expensive apartment, have expensive clothing and eat out 3-4 times a week. You will have to live a conservative life style if you want to save any money.

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    Yes, certainly. Many people survive on much less than that. The cost of living in Charlotte is relatively low. Do a search for apartment and you'll see. If you're doing 12 hour shifts, you'll probably do 3 of them a week, although it is sometimes possible to do more shifts. 36 hours a week is $432 before taxes. You'll probably get about 75% of that after taxes, medical insurance, etc. are taken out. That's $324 a week, or $1296 a month, If you can get an apartment for $500-600 a month, you should be ok

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    You gotta be retarded

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