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How does a Leo woman win over the Aquarius woman? Can leo have anyone zodiac sign?

I know some of you won’t believe and that’s fine just continue your day An let the people who do believe help Me out please. I’ve been meeting an Aquarius woman for few months in and off due to Personal reason on both ends. My question is as a leo woman I want to win her over I really like her an of course made that aware to her, she can just be abit blocked off. She texts An talks to me every day I just want to impress her since we are both such a strong characters.

I can’t help but be drawn in by her no matter what but I need her to open up a little more to be able to win her over an inch each day.

I want to make her my girl but nows not the time but I know she will be my girl in the end it’s just the matter of when an how? Any advice for dating an Aquarius woman be a good help thanks😜

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    6 months ago

    Idk but my sister in law is Leo/Aries moon (2nd August 88).

    Idk any other Leos I'd get along with. I did when I was younger, but as I grew I really feel the "opposition". Had I been married to one, I'd be divorced by now. I now am more attracted to Pisces, and used to be attracted to Earth signs, now I don't feel the same anymore (I love them more on a friendly basis :)), I feel we are too different. Now it's Pisces, Aries and Sagittarius the most, whereas when I was younger I used to like other signs. I am still good with Aquarius, Taurus and moon in Air signs. Also still get along with Libra, but there was a period I hated Libras because of one Libra who was not a real Libra anyway.

    I know an Aquarius married to a Leo however, so maybe it depends on your chart.

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    Aquarius is just the sign her Sun was in at her time of birth, as is your Leo Sun. There's far more to you both than just your Sun sign, which shows very little about you both. Look at your birth chart and then you'll see there's so much more than just the signs of the zodiac in it. Your birth chart shows how the planets inter-act with each other. The blue lines connect planets that tend to get along fine with each other and the red lines show planets that don't get on and can cause inner feelings of dis-ease. Think of your chart as showing actors taking part in a play on a stage. Some of the characters get along fine and are quietly chatting away to each other, or even snuggling up together but one or two are squabbling and bickering or even fighting with each other. Which ones do you notice? The same with your planets making aspects to each other. The signs they're in are virtually irrelevant despite what the majority of questions refer to here on this site are about. As for the people who seem to be "experts" about what each sign is like, ignore them. There's no easy fix to how we all get on with other people; regardless of our upbringing and life lessons learnt, even comparing two people's charts will not give any definitive answers to most of the questions on here.

    Look at your Moon, Venus and Mars to learn more about your romantic tendencies and hers and compare those perhaps but then again your Moon, Venus and Mars will be aspected by other planets and heavily influence the way both of you tend to use them.

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    6 months ago

    Just tell her you want to have hot lesbian sex with her. Trust me Aquarius is down for anything sexual.

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    6 months ago

    How can anyone here take this question seriously? You’re in the entertainment section of Yahoo. Take a look at the previous questions and answers. Do you really want to trust these strangers instead of seeing a professional astrologer? Too cheap to invest money on your irrational beliefs?

    Nobody pays astrologers to be wrong. But you’re willing to rely on us because it’s free.

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