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What should I do if my 17 year old (in 11th grade) has been meaner and ruder ever since she started hanging out with a new group of friends?

Her new friends are from families where parents are uninvolved and permissive. Unfortunately, they’re the stereotypical spoiled kids. All of them live 2 hours away from us but they travel to visit her. I don’t even know how they met each other. My daughter adopted their attitude and mannerisms, which I don’t like. She was never like this before. My daughter is the adventurous kind of person who likes meeting new people. Unfortunately, that can lead to her meeting people who are unkind or don’t have parents who care.

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    just dont let her hang out with thern then

  • 5 months ago

    I dont think there is much you can do with a 17 year old. You can't pick her friends and telling her she can't see the ones you disapprove of will only make her rebel. The best you could do is have a heart to heart with her. Let her know that you have noticed a difference in her additude and that you worry for her. Let her know that you trust her and that you are proud of her as a daughter and that you trust her to make the right decisions when it comes to friends. Just caution her that you usually end up like the people you accosiate with so it is important to pick your friends wisely. If you raised her to be a good kid she will find her way.

  • kavana
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    5 months ago

    Threaten too kick her out if she doesnt change her tough love.You dont show her whos the boss in your house than she will walk all over you.I got teens myself and i have warned them that if they dont want too listen too me,theres the door!! Have no time for disrespectful kids.If they think they know everything than go for it,gdluck!!!

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