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Any tips for talking to people and becoming less nervous? TW?

I had a suicide attempt a little while ago and loads of people ended up finding out, I'm still not sure how they found out. After people blocked me on social media and the group chat that my friends use to use all the time hasn't been used since that day. Now I can hardly look anyone I know from high school in the eye and have a constant fear that they talk about it. Does anyone have any support tips/ideas for a situation for this? I'm going to start college soon and I want to be confident in myself again. It's kind of specific and hard to say to anyones face.

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    Ah, the good news and bad news is that most people are 50 times more interested in themselves than you, or anyone else really, and what you did is hardly even noteworthy among young people, sad to say. Just move on. You're probably the only person keeping the memory of it alive. So, just don't.

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    How can you be SURE that anyone knows?

    Also, what have you got to be ashamed about? If you have sought professional psychiatric services for your clinical depression...honestly, what business is it of theirs? You have a right to personal privacy so assert yourself and your rights as a human being.

    You don't owe anyone an explanation.

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    College is a good thing as it's a new start for you and you can put a lot of the past behind you. Being together with a whole new crowd of people makes it easy to be more open, but the converse of this is that, if you do not try, it can be one of the loneliest places in the world. So, practice in your mirror, smiling and saying 'hi, I'm X' and then think up a few basic questions you can ask to help you to get to know other people. I'm sure you know the sort of thing.

    On the question of your suicide attempt, don't be tempted to tell anyone at all. Even if you make what seems to be a good friend, I wouldn't. Mental health professionals say we should, and many in society agree, but once the cat's out of the bag it can always be used against you. You can have the best friend in the world and that friend can change and turn on you. Just put it in the past, where it belongs, go off to college and enjoy it. As you get to know people you will relax.

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    It's a slow process to rebuild your confidence. Like all things that happen, everyone gets so focused on themselves, they'll actually forget that you tried.

    Hang in there

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