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How many hours per week do you work?

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  • Jolene
    Lv 7
    5 months ago
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    Officially, 40. But I do about another 20-30 hours a week of work for my job at home.

  • RICK
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Zero as I am retired

    My last job was strange, I only actually worked between 25-30 hours a week on average, some weeks I might work 4 hours and the next week 60

    And before that I was military so there too you never knew how many hours you would work

  • 40-45. I'm full time too, and in a physically demanding job.

  • cat
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    40, full-time. I'm a salaried employee so occasionally I put in a few extra hours but never less than 40.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Zero hours of work. Currently not working.

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