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The majority of Muslims are peaceful because they dont take their religion to seriously?

Most Muslim's who arent converts dont know about the extreme verses in the Quran or Hadith or the fact that Munammed Ibn Abdullah was a paedophile or warmongerer. If the majority if Muslims knew more about their religion like ISIS and Al Qeada do then we'd be seeing much bigger bloodshed.

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    Joke of the week we all know muslims are Terrorists or paedophiles

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      @Kin what no comment on my Honest links

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    some may be confused about what the real meaning of a god like allah is.

    instead of killing all of those who do not believe as i do, i think i would like to have all of the muslem religions, have a public religious debate as to the "true muslem religion".

    the losers in this debate give-up their faith and practices, and practice the higher truth.

    this would save a lot of lives

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    5 months ago

    Not necessarily. There are Muslims that believe that murder (the killing of the innocent) is wrong and probably many other things. But don't expect help from them if the help can be traced back to them, especially if the antagonists are armed. Just like Hitler's Germany.

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    You are ignorant. ISIS and Al-Qaida are product of America/Saudi Arabia. They are groups designed to destroy countries unfriendly to those two countries. Majority of their victims are Muslims, and majority of Muslims don't real care about the dirty politics Wahabism/Western imperialism.

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    No, many peaceful Muslims take their religion very seriously.

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    5 months ago

    bad education is Muslims' #1 problem....

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    The muslims who arent peaceful are those who dont take religion seriously. They use religion for their own narcissistic gains, hate, voilence,sex, war, money. Wherevver it benefits their sickness they use it. Peaceful muslims worship god, pray to god and let god take care of it, whereas the hateful folks will do whatever they can to benefit themselves even if it means playing the role of god in this world.

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    Maybe, but the same can be said for Judaism and Christianity.

    Read the Torah and OT; they are filled with righteous war and killing. Or check out the raping and pillaging done by the Crusaders as eight times they went after the Muslms who lived in Jerusalem.

    You've hit on a point not well understand by the western powers. ISIS is just practicing Islam as it was practiced in the days of Muhammad.

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    First of all, what you said is not the truth. Muslims do take their faith very seriously and do happen to be peaceful. As well as those who are serious about their religion do also want to always connect with Allah, striving for Allah, trying for sake of Allah and dedicated to Allah's Holy Wise Book. Second of all, you do not know the meaning of what it means to have peace and tranquility because peace and tranquility comes from Allah. Allah sends down His peace and tranquility in the hearts of muslims and to whomever He wants, its a special gift from Allah. So do not make assumptions about Islam and tranquility.

    Third, do NOT call Allah's Holy Wise Book extreme verses or extreme hadiths because Allah's Holy Wise Book are powerful, truthful, wise, evident, logical, and most beautiful verses and there is nothing like it in the world. No matter how much a human being tries to imitate and write something similar like it will never be able to produce anything like it, never ever and Allah's Holy Wise Words are un-created. Furthermore, the hadiths are also most beautiful and truth.

    Allah Azza Wajal, may the Glorious Merciful Lord be Exalted, said in a hadith Qudsi,

    "If the disbelievers knew how great My patience for them is and My love for them and My desire to see them abandon their sins they would tear themselves apart out of love for Me and they would give their lives to see Me. If this is My attitude towards those who have rejected Me so imagine My attitude towards those who believe in Me."

    Fourth, what you said 'fact', what you said is NOT fact it is called a FALSEHOOD, SLANDERING and DEFAMATION of the honorable, pure, innocent, wise Prophet Muhammad, peace & blessings be upon him.

    And Allah has honored His Prophet..honored his mention, raised his mention and gave him an honorary station. Slandering the Prophet Muhammad, peace & blessings be upon him, is pointless and useless. If you continue slandering, the truth will eventually catch you either in this life or on the Day of Judgement.

    Those ugly false accusations, are slandering and not truth and no matter how much you try to repeat will never be the truth but delusional, falsehoods claims of yours. They do not define the Prophet Muhammad, peace & blessings be upon him, whatsoever and not the truthful personality of Prophet Muhammad, peace & blessings be upon him. You are barking like a dog, barking dogs are ignored so get your claims straight and be truth about it if you are interested in truth and sincerity because what you claim to be is NOT truth and NOT evident.

    Fifth, do not even bring up terrorist organizations...terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and not about Islam. Do not even mix falsehoods along with Islam because falsehood is rejected and not allowed in Islam. God crushes falsehoods and will crush the falsehoods terrorists groups carry and try to present to the world by misrepresenting an ugly, false, image about Islam. They are attacking Allah's religion and this religion belongs to Allah, Allah will protect His religion.

    So, your question is basically pointless, ignorant,full of misconceptions, bigotry and full of falsehoods.

    Allah Azza Wajal, may He be Exalted, said,

    "So I swear by what you can see and by what you cannot see: this {Quraan} is the speech of an honored messenger, not the words of a poet - how little you believe! - nor the words of a soothsayer - how little you reflect!

    This {Quraan} is a revelation sent down from the Lord of the Worlds: if {the Prophet} had attributed some fabrication to Us, We would certainly have seized his right hand and cut off his lifeblood, and none of you could have defended him.

    This {Quraan} is a reminder for those who are aware of God. We know that some of you consider it to be lies this will be a source of bitter regret for the disbelievers but it is in fact the certain Truth.

    So {Prophet} glorify the Name of your Lord, the Almighty."

    - Surat Al-Haqqah, 'the Inevitable Truth', {69:38 - 69:52}

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      Is it poorly translated into English because it's an old form of Arabic?

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