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What is TOXIC MASCULINITY - a normal female wants to know non feminist?

Is the reason why all millennial femi males (24-36 years old) act like a bunch of girly women is because ironically a bunch of masculine type lesbian feminist told you all it was bad?.

Normal females are attracted to masculinity and masculine men. No normal straight feminine woman wants a feminine man 😣💩👎 The lesbos have messed it up for everybody normal


Nope true pure millennials are 24-36 years old. Anybody 22-23 year olds and 37-38 are on the cusp. They share both (next) generations characteristics and culture. And crying has nothing to do with being masculine or feminine that's a human thing I'm talking about obvious feminine mannerisms

Update 2:

You wont find that many feminine acting 37 or 38 year old men like you do with true millennials. They grew up with Generation X (37-55 year olds)

Update 3:

Ignore the troll who's thumbing themselves up 10x plus on homo phobes and cusps with a whole bunch of fake accounts in under 1 minute. They obviously need a life

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    There is no such thing as toxic masculinity. This term is made up by resentful misandrists calling themselves feminists. According to the misandrist, toxic masculinity is traits like being violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive, and so forth. The term toxic masculinity is made up. This is all about controlling the male's masculinity and feminizing them. Men get accused of the terminology if they don't conform to liberal ideals of what a man should be in today's society. If he isn't sensitive and emotional and docile he is accused of toxic masculinity.

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    i completely agree with you, thats why i consider myself a real woman, because im attracted to real, alpha masculine men.

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    Feminazis hate males. Period

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    Remember also that boys get raised to suppress their girly, feminine sides. For instance girls can usually have long hair or short hair, but boys can only have sort hair.

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  • olivia
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    The idea of toxic masculinity is utilized in brain science and media talks of masculinity to allude to certain social standards that are related with damage to society and to men themselves. Conventional generalizations of men as socially predominant, alongside related attributes, for example, misogyny and homophobia, can be considered "lethal" due to some extent to their advancement of viciousness, including rape and aggressive behavior at home. The socialization of young men regularly standardizes brutality, for example, in the expression "young men will be young men" with respect to harassing and animosity.

    Independence and enthusiastic constraint are associated with expanded mental issues in men, for example, sadness, expanded pressure, and substance misuse. Harmful manly attributes are normal for the implicit code of conduct among men in American penitentiaries, where they exist to a limited extent as a reaction to the unforgiving states of jail life.

    Other customarily manly qualities, for example, dedication to work, pride in exceeding expectations at games, and accommodating one's family, are not viewed as "lethal". The idea was initially utilized by creators related with the mythopoetic men's development, for example, Shepherd Bliss to differentiate cliché thoughts of manliness with a "genuine" or "profound" masculinity that they state men have put some distance between in current society.

    • Bill
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      Lol. The first paragraph reads like the term was created to get men to accept liberalism. It was of course, but it's still funny how transparent it is.

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    Toxic masculinity is


    Being a ********

    Objectification of women

    Want to act like they are superior to everyone

    Always want to have sex

    • Sylv125 months agoReport

      Then she wants too much sex that's all...too much sex ain't good for both genders

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You are a hateful, homophobic bigot.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    There isn't a cusp.

    Pure millennials were born 1981 to 1996.

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      People born in Generation X going into the Millennial generation are actually called XENNIALS

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Toxic Masculinity is a myth like unicorns

    people who fear lessons of real life and history creates this mythical condition as way to bully normal men and boys into submitting

    the alternative is a mamma's boy who would trade his wife to raiding bandits for his life

    Feminist is just another name for bullys

    it is fine if someone chooses to not adhere to normal ways of life... the problem is when they thrust their ways on others FORCING people to submit to their ways no matter how abnormal it is ... Name calling is bullying and Toxic Masculinity is name calling

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    Some men are attracted to intelligent, strong and successful women, and are not threatened by that. Dumb "girly" women who call themselves "normal" are for drunken one night stands. They offer nothing but a quicky, terrible conversation, neediness and regret!

    • Cinnes5 months agoReport

      I didnt thumb you down either. Couldnt care less. The mob who is about to attack you did

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