How long will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer be Manchester United manager?

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  • 5 months ago
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    Caretaker managers who get the job on a permanent basis last an average of 594 days in the job.

    Based on these stats, Solskjaer could well be looking for a new job next year.

    Tim Sherwood lasted just 141 days after getting the Tottenham job permanently.

    Roberto Di Matteo only lasted 161 days despite having won Chelsea the Champions League while he was caretaker.

    Lawrie Sanchez lasted 224 days as permanent Fulham manager, while Kenny Dalglish lasted 370 days at Liverpool .

    • Of those managers you mentioned Mohamed, inf all fairness only 1 of them was given an opportunity to grow in the job on a permanent basis and it may have been Tim Sherwood but he was out of his depth as manager for Spurs at the time imo.

      The others were never really permanent long term solutions.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    He will manage until 2022.

  • F
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    5 months ago

    Christmas if he's lucky. End of September if Utd are not in top 6 at the time especially if there's a couple of defeats (or even home draws) with the likes of Brighton or Norwich.

  • 5 months ago

    Its difficult to judge Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a Manager, or put a verdict on his abilities in that role tbh.

    He has not been in the role nearly long enough to be judged and his capabilities to steer Man United back up where they belong depends on a number of factors starting with

    a) given FULL 100% backing by the board - OGS needs this. If he is to have any impact at the club he needs time, time to 'fix' things. Many personnel are either over the hill, approaching an age where they should be moved on or are simply not good enough to don that shirt for United. On top of this, he needs at least another 2 complete full seasons to be allowed ample time to 're-build' MUFC from scratch, and forge a new side capable of mounting serious title challenges against City and Liverpool. Whether he is given this time depends on the fans patience, and of course the backing of the board. If hes given ample time to get rid of the 'rot' and 'fix' things, he needs FULL 100% backing of the board, without letting anything else ( including qualification for CL ) get in the way.

    b) The Quality of his think-thank, bench and advisors - These people do matter ! Sir Alex Ferguson's right man and Co earned their wages at MUFC just like everyone else, they played a pivotal role in supporting and advising SAF in ensuring Man United were serious contenders for the big trophies year in year out and also in making sure they WON stuff. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will almost defo need the same sort of bench that allowed Fergie the luxury of sitting back and not thinking 'too hard' about what to do when a goal down in important games.

    c) Team Spirit - he needs better personnel at the club imo, when i say better I mean players who can adapt and quickly learn how to play like a world class team together. The players need to be playing for each other, not for themselves or trying to justify their wages by relying on their personal reputation and name. They need bring in 5 or 6 new players who are noticeably world class ahead of next season who can 'slot into' the side and improve it 10 fold.

    These 3 things for me will improve United and most importantly be the defining factor in deciding whether Solskjaer stays or leaves.

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  • August
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    5 months ago

    It will all depend on the results but I will stick my neck out and say 30-12-2019

    • August
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      5 months agoReport

      The date is the last day he will be in charge before Klopp takes over

  • 5 months ago

    It depends on how the season goes

    If they finish top 4 and all is looking well, he stays

    If they struggle all season he might not last a full season.

  • 5 months ago

    Until Christmas if nothing changes from end of last season.

    • VVD looks like he was always mean to be an LFC legend. Say his name and the first thing you think about him is LFC. Hardly anybody remembers or cares he played for you guys. Just saying.

      we make ex sfc players 'noticeable' on the world stage ;-)


  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    let's just wait and see. if he doesn't make any significant changes to the squads, i'd say not for long...

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