Songs that reflect the ideology of Romanticism? PLEASE HELP?

1 song that reflects Nature.

1 song that reflects Individualism.

1 song that reflects The Supernatrual.

1 song that reflects Nationalism.

1 Answer

  • Blah
    Lv 6
    5 months ago


    Earth -Lil Dicky

    Bow and Arrow - Reuben and the Dark


    Only One- The Score

    Be As You Are - Mike Posner

    The Other Road - David Hodges

    The Village - Wrabel

    Freaks - Jordan Clarke

    Be Yourself- Harrison Storm


    The Wolf - Foxworth Hall

    The Wolf - SIAMES (with the music video mostly)

    Stranger Things - Kygo ft. One Republic

    Nightmare - Set it Off

    Dark Matter- Les Friction


    Wavin' Flag - K'NAAN

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