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Why are Americans and the British people the most hated people in the world?

Countries that hate the British:

Ireland, Spain, France, Argentina, Pakistan, India, China, Russia and many more...

Countries that hate America:

Austria, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Russia, Belarus and many more...

Why is that?

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    The reason why the British are hated is because throughout the years, they have invaded and once there, they treat the local citizens like shît. Ireland was treated AWFUL by the British. The British once had concentration camps in Africa (I think it was) during WWII. Other than that, countries just don't like being invaded. They're not like that anymore. France and Spain don't like them because of Religious reasons.

    America is hated for the same thing. But Russia and America has hated each other for years due to many different reasons.

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    I don't know so much about those who hate the British.. But all those countries you name, Egypt excepted, sure have a lot of ex-pats who love America more than most Americans.

  • 1 year ago

    i dont have a good view of americans. but i live in england, they're really friendly here and theres no racism at all

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    1 year ago

    Everyone hates everyone, get over it

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    Countries that hate the British:

    Ireland, historical going back to Elizabethan times and still coninues (IRA)

    Spain probaly due to people going there on holiday and being extrememly drunk, although they like our money. France - they hate everyone and resent being rescued in WW2

    Argentina - Falklands still an issue

    Pakistan and India, colonial issues,

    China, didn't knw they did as long as we keep buying all their tat.

    Russia were only our friends briefly because we had a common enemy.

    They may hate us, but they're all still desperate to come here.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    We have it all. The Greatest military, currency is accepted, no prefered, around the word, our medical is the best, our economy may be second & third, but the world lends to us, We've been to the moon, the most inventions, leisure time, and we share with the world.

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    Envy it the answer to the question

    Susan you made good point, I do Think many people think as you do.. (incorrectly)

    but it is not realistic to think anyone can solve other peoples problems. I have tried to solve brother and sisters problems. People close to me, the problem is people envy the successful but when I tell them how I got to a better place, they respond


    So how can we solve the problems of the world when we cannot help people close to us?

    you cannot help people who do not want to help them selves

    I had no family helping me

    I just got out of high school and never went to college

    I was homeless and broke

    I had no help from anyone

    I went years only eating sparely

    I worked saved invested .... now I am 60 and doing well ...all on my own ,, people think I was handed all I have...

    IF I can make it, anyone can (and FYI my health is not that great but I did not let it stop me - no excuses)

    but I will tell you most people would rather wallow in self pity because they do not want to work and put sweat equity into their efforts

    Tradition and heritage is often the reason people refuse to self improve ....

    but I will tell you , I do not think good people hate anyone as group for the most part -- hate is from evil people and I do not think people are inheritable evil

    but the facts are the more you do for those who will not do for them selves ,,, the more they expect and then begin to resent you...

    I will tell you THIS knowledge is the secret but formal (college) education is not necessarily knowledge and as matter of fact it is often the opposite of needed knowledge. the people running thing all over the world are not-knowledgeable.

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    We aren't. All of the others are just jealous because we have Freedoms they will never have.

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    Idk about British but America is a hateful and intolerant country full of and run by elitists

  • 1 year ago

    I'm British and I think Americans are great, So I could not care less what anyone thinks me or my country, I don't take any notice of rubbish.

  • susan
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    1 year ago

    People think the UK and the USA have the ability to solve the problems of the world. So when there is problems elsewhere in the world, the UK and the USA get blamed for not solving them.

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