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Hey now R&P- If you had to pick only one song and you were given 10-minutes to sit down with it's creator/s to ask about what would it be?

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  • Binks
    Lv 7
    12 months ago
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    Hey, Livin', my choice of songs would be what I consider my favorite mainstream rock song of all time, "Under The Milky Way", by The Church. Through the years since 1988, most people who comment on this song claim that it is about atheism. I pretty much drew the same conclusion, until I read an article about it's creation a while back. First of all, it's not about atheism, it's about an outdoors open theater that put on plays under the stars, and the line "I think about the loveless fascination, under the Milky Way tonight" is about the love of acting, and how people can detach themselves from their true selves, and play a part that is not themselves. Second, the song was not written by lead vocalist Steve Kilby, but by his girlfriend at the time. I would really like talk to Mr. Kilbey about his take on all this, because alot of his songs can give the impression that atheism plays a part in them. You just have to listen. A final note, the idea of having a play under the stars is a fascinating one, because not only are you playing to your audience, but the stars and the universe are also audience.

    Peace, friend.

    • Hi Binks. Brilliant take there. I also pondered the lyrics "wish I knew what you were looking for, might have known what you would find" in relation to your last insight. How many times have we looked to the heavens for answers as to what's up there, maybe that's what the universe says back to us.

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  • 12 months ago

    I would have loved to be able to ask Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer and Pete Sinfield (erstwhile lyricist for the band) how the Tarkus suite all came together. There were reported tensions between Emerson and Lake over the music Emerson was writing and Lake almost left the band over it.

    But I don't think the question could be answered in anywhere close to ten minutes.

    • Hi Curtis. Maybe would need a movie to get to grips with this. Fascinating stuff mate.

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  • WUWR
    Lv 6
    12 months ago

    Hey Livin. Wonderful question.

    I would be really poor at this, but it still creates an opportunity. I think I would like to know the story behind Elliott Smith's Condor Avenue. There has always been something so sad and chilling about that song, and though he vaguely tells the story in the song I'd love to know the less poetic, straight talk story. Also, I'm sure there are great interviews and magazine pieces on the subject, but I'd love to know what it was like for him to take the leap to Dreamworks and make XO, which was so much more of a production than his previous work (and a top 10 all timer album for me). Mostly, I'd just love to have a beer or two with the guy and enjoy his company. All reports say that he was a really, really great guy with a sneakily great sense of humor.

  • 12 months ago

    Drops of Jupiter by Train

    I want to ask the guy if he'll actually deliver on his promise to bring "the best soy latte that you ever had and me."

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    i'm not a religious man, but i think any of the psalms would be interesting.

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    • Lv 7
      11 months agoReport

      yeah, 10 minutes, assuming magic no language barrier. first question: will you play it with your arrangement? 2nd question would be something about the instrumentation at the time. 3rd question if i have time for it maybe i'd get around to asking if he was really king david or not. lol.

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  • 12 months ago

    Stand By Me - Ben E. King.

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