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Does a GSD and Labrador get along?

I have a 3 year old Labrador and I want to get her a companion to play with and keep her company. My family loves German Sheperds so we are leaning towards that breed, but just wondering will a German Shepard puppy get along with a 3 year old Labrador. My Labrador is very energetic and loves to play.

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    ● "Does a GSD and Labrador get along?"

    "Do", not "Does".


    WHICH Labrador?

    If you are, as [Jojo] & [Lorraine] believe, the asker of: you are NOT ready for ANY dog. And GSDs are so intelligent that they easily outwit people who can't be bothered driving to a weekly training class and getting COACHED for about a year.

    ● "I have a 3 year old Labrador and I want to get her a companion to play with and keep her company. My family loves German Sheperds"

    Impossible - there is no word "Sheperd", which is why Y!A instantly red-lined it.

    ● "so we are leaning towards that breed, but just wondering will a German Shepard"

    No word "Shepard", either (unless you count a surname "invented" by Norman scribes who were conducting a survey for William The Conqueror, and their knowledge of the dialects in England was NOT up to the needs of the job). If you REALLY loved "my" breed you would know that it was developed in Germany to HERD SHEEP. So it is a Shepherd Dog, with its German breed-name translating as:

    German Shepherd Dog.


    ● " puppy get along with a 3 year old Labrador. My Labrador is very energetic and loves to play."

    Is your Labrador neutered yet?

    If so, it would be safe (were your property adequate - which the question my first link goes to proves it is NOT), provided the GSD was male, not a bỉtch. But in the current circumstances, forget the whole idea until your PROPERTY is safely enclosed.

    People who want to keep 2 intelligent bỉtches discover the hard way that somewhere in the age range 10 months to 3 years old, there will be fights as to which of them is "the boss", which "the follower".

    The same applies to people who want to keep 2 studs.

    Puppyhood - especially the early part - is no problem, because sane pups respect their elders. But just as human teenagers start "feeling their oats" and challenging authority, so do pooches that reach the equivalent of "teenage" withOUT having been well-raised & trained.

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    Many of the people in them KNOW about GSDs. Plus you can include several actual photos in your posts.

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    It is SHEPherd. It is just a matter of finding a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) that you like. Then take your lab to the shelter and let them meet each other.

    If your lab is a male - get a female. If the lab is a female - get a male. Less fighting if you do these things.

    Source(s): Dog owner for over 50 years.
  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Never buy a breed you can't spell - it's not sheperd. It's not shepard.

    It's ShepHERD. They are herding dogs. They are head strong and be trying. I have two. If anything happened to either one, the survivor would NOT accept another dog. I did at one time have an older GSD and a younger Lab and they were great friends. My current dogs are more "territorial."

  • Maxi
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    6 months ago

    You have a problem Lab, who is untrained, under exercised and has a host of bad behaviours because it is the answer is no pup will resolve your lack of dog training and daily lead walking exercise what you will end up with is two uncontrolled.badly behaved dogs

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    In view of your other question where your labrador gets out and worries the livestock of neighbours there is NO WAY ON EARTH you should be getting a Shepherd puppy until you've solved your fencing issues.

  • Jojo
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    6 months ago

    So...what makes you think your 3 year old Labrador actually NEEDS a `companion` to play with.

    Whats wrong with her owners being her companions?

    A dog that is walked adequately daily and given plenty of mental stimulation does NOT "need" another dog around.

    Its not a case of will a German Shepherd dog get along with the Labrador, but more of will the Labrador accept the GSD puppy.

    However...Its very likely though that an adult dog WILL accept a puppy and get along with it, but there is no guarantee that as the pup matures they will still get along, especially if both want to be top dog.

    A GSD is an entirely different kettle of fish than a Labrador and has different inborn traits.

    Loving the breed is fine, but you also need to know how to handle and train it and that is not quite as easy as training a Labrador. GSD`s can be very willful and need lots of mental stimulation and exercise.

    If you go ahead with getting a GSD pup I recommend you ask the breeder for a pup with a submissive or laid back temperament as I doubt you would be able to handle a dominant or very willful GSD if you have never had any experience with the breed.

    Also, although compatibility of temperaments is paramount to two dogs getting a long, the odds would be best if you got a male. But your female should be spayed if not done already.


    Source(s): GSD owner for 56 years.
    • Harper6 months agoReport

      Well everyone has work and school and what not, what am I supposed to do when I am not home. She has toys and water and food and everything. Thanks for the helpful info, I don’t think we we will get another dog, and if we did probably not a puppy

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