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One of my ex boyfriends wants me back. The reason we broke up was because he got too busy with his job and financial worries to have enough time for me, so we lost touch. I got sick of the uncertainty, so I blocked him on Facebook, messenger and my phone when he tried to explain. 5 months later, he found me by chance on a dating site and sent me a message, trying to apologise and explain further. He asked me for another chance.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago
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    I would hear what he has to say. You and this guy have obviously been able to form a chemistry in the past, which counts for a lot - there is obviously some level of attraction there. In saying that, if you do want to rekindle things with this guy then you need to take things slow in order to ensure that you won't get hurt again. Furthermore, this guy will need to present you with some sort of solution to ensure that a repeat of the complications which caused you to break up doesn't recur. Basically, he needs to find a way to make you a priority in his life. I really hope that this helps :)

    Source(s): What else did this guy say in his message? Do you get the feeling things have changed with him and it could be different this time around?
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