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My boyfriend ditched me in a different country. Help please!?

I’m in Canada and he’s in the US. I flew in with family but made time for my boyfriend as well. I’ve flown in twice and he has never. We planned to be together. We had an issue with out Airbnb and we paid 4,000$ total out of my pocket. I couldn’t drive to my boyfriend but he expected me to. He was 2 hours away from me. I expressed to him what had occurred and I asked him to come visit me. He drives.. I didn’t have a car and couldn’t afford to pay anyone then. He said no. I was reallly upset and thought he would’ve made the effort. I flew all the way there and didn’t see him. I called him out on it. He got upset and accused me of not driving to see him. I told him how hurt I was and he called my feelings bullish++ I was so devastated I didn’t have energy to argue. I ignored him. Didn’t hear from him for 7 days. He was on Instagram following other women. It hurt me so I blocked him. When he texted me, he said he was still very upset with me for not driving to see him. I wrote a paragraph of my feeling (shouldn’t have). He seemed to brush it off and get upset I blocked him. Should I just ignore him now? I’m not sure what else to say. {im aware that ldr doesn’t work often but it was my choice so let’s not talk about that please}

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  • Alan H
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    5 months ago

    Sorry, but it happens.

    Move on, put it behind you ..... and learn from it

  • Janet
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    5 months ago

    Long distance relationships are not really relationships. They are 90% fantasy and self-delusion.

    He is NOT your boyfriend. You are deceiving yourself.

    And he doedsn’t care about you.

    Just block him .. permanently. It is over, and in fact, nothing ever really got started.

    Stop doing long-distance/online stuff.

    Learn to be happy alone, because until you ARE, you will not attract real love nor be able TO love another.

    And attachment/yearning is NOT love. Nor is a permanent condition.

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