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Isn't it just sad that most parents think that it's perfectly acceptable to punish their kids in order to teach them about consequences?

Growing up, most of us were told by the adults in our lives that punishing us was necessary to teach us about consequences. However, arbitrary rules and punishments for the sake of teaching us a lesson models unrealistic circumstances and inauthenticity.

This damaged our relationship with our parents which was our most important, foundational relationship. When we do this to our own children, the positive influence that we are meant to have in their lives is deeply affected, often times destroyed. Ulterior motives through arbitrary limits and rules are not honest or emotionally healthy and our children know it.

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    Sadly, punishment is a FACT OF LIFE.

    When you get behind the wheel and you're driving in a school zone doing 60 mph, you WILL GET PUNISHED.

    Our actions have circumstances connected with them.

    A good parent will teach and mentor his or her children:



    PUNISH FOR BEHAVIOR THAT IS PURPOSEFULLY DONE racing through a school zone.

    Also, punishment should teach and kids should NEVER be assaulted or hit by an adult.

    All of our actions have consequences.....everyone needs to learn this sooner or later.

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    Often the consequences are enough punishment for the child. But in instances where the child cannot reason from cause to effect training may require punishment. When my daughter was 2 I took her around the house and taught her "hot" things and had her feel the wood stove briefly hot and associated that with plug ins, light bulbs and electric cords. The wood stove hot did hurt her and me as we held hands together so that I would not overdo the hot experience. However when it came to sugar she had learned that my training about hot things did not always mean immediate pain to her and it was easy to train her against the use of to much candy or sugar because of the trust she had. However she did test the sugar issue so that we exchanged the salt and sugar jars content at times as a negative consequence to disobedient testing of things that seemed to give no negative tactile feedback.

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    No, punishing kids is perfectly fine and absolutely necessary, if your relationship isn't great it's not because of punishment but other reasons, unless you overdid the punishment then it could have some negative effects, but punishments are vital you just have to know how much to do it and aftercare is important.

    When kids grow up they don't blame punishment as the source of fallout between the parents (overdoing it and beating your kids is obviously abuse not punishment) , it's always other things like being too controlling or too neglectful, no one complains about receving a fair punishment for bad deeds done, rather you learn from those and those moments actually make you a better person, and a smart child realizes this when grown up and even thanks their parents for caring enough to teach their kids.

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    So let’s simply hold 3 year old brats to same rules the rest of us abide by in public. Tell them to GTFO or have them arrested the next time they disrupt a business with their screaming and crying.

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    Look at the kind of society the lack of punishment and consequences has produced. It isn't pretty. All the fancy talk aside.

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    Parents PARENT, they're not supposed to be your friend.

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