Why won’t My ps4 connect to the internet?

Lately I’ve had a issue with my ps4, where it’ll lose the internet connection at my house and won’t connect when I try to reconnect. The wifi name is there in the network selection screen, but it won’t connect. It’s not a issue with the wifi, as I’m using it on my phone to type this right now. I can also connect to my phones mobile hotspot on my ps4, but not my home wifi. Any tips?

2 Answers

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    1 year ago

    get a new router.

    your router may be perfectly good working order, but if ALL your devices don't work well on it, it is probably using an older standard.

    get a Wireless AC router, and join the 21st century.

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  • 1 year ago

    Have you tried "forgetting" or erasing your home Wi-Fi network from your PS4 and try adding it again? Also make sure that there isn't any setting on your router blocking your PS4 like a MAC address filtering or something like that.

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