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I have people thinking that I am weird and sometimes wonder if God hates me. Advice?

I want to be average rather than unique or weird. Something makes me constantly think that God hates me and that I will never be worth anything. I started to feel even more depressed after dealing with a Calvinist dude on Instagram and now I constantly battle with basing my worth on how much education I have, I just criticize people so much and can't seem to stop or barely, and I found myself constantly wishing I was not around. I constantly seem to be tempted to fall in love with every male (age 20-45 range) I see. I am 25 and tired of never being worth enough. I don't want to keep being critical of people but it seems like the fad today

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    First, God doesn't hate anyone but He does hate sin and what you are doing to yourself is sin. Second, If you will get straight with God everything else will fall in line and to do that you must turn from your sinful desires (Repent) and through Faith Trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If you do this with all your heart you will have a new sense of worth and the assurance of eternity in Heaven. God bless.

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      Okay, nearly everything we do is a sin. So you cant think about it like that. Just do the best you can to be the best person you can. I

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    Who cares what others think? Its your life. In high school I was concerned what others thought, when I went to college I started being myself and didnt care about what other thoughts. Just be yourself, what others think doesnt matter.

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    stop believing in a god and who the hell cares what others think of you

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    5 months ago

    God loves tyou!

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    5 months ago

    You dealt with a Calvinist ?

    Do you think god Dispensed that or Predestined it ?

    All Calvinism is - is an example of idiotic religious doctrine and theology gets .

    If anything it should of opened your eyes as to how god postures and what for .

    If god is testing you why is he doing that - especially if he already knows what the future holds .

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    God doesnt hate anyone. He has no hate at all. He loves everyone and everything. He planned and created you specifially for a beautiful reason, not to hate you. And I think I’m weird too. But who cares? Be you! Who else can

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