Why won't my browsing history get deleted on my smartphone?

I purchased a Moto 7 Play a week ago with Android installed, and I've used it quite a bit to look at YouTube videos and read Wiki articles, and of course now I'm getting spam emails and ads keep popping up for things I might buy based on my browsing history. I followed the procedure for clearing my history as explained by various websites by pressing "Chrome", then "More" and then by wiping out every visited site one at a time in the log page. But, when I try to see if everything really is gone by hitting "Google" and then "Recent", it shows every single page that I thought I just cleared in a gallery that I pan up to today's most recently visited site! And I can't figure out what how to clear it,as well. Help?

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    5 months ago

    if you're getting spam emails, it's because you gave some questionable websites your email address...STOP THAT! set up a second email to give businesses if they really need one. better yet, set up a new email for your PRIVATE use and use the old one for businesses, since it's already tainted.

    as for ads, install an adblocker extension in Chrome. there's no escaping tracking. if you visit certain shady sites, they will use cookies to track what you look at, and sell the info to advertisers.

    but you don't have to SEE them if you use adblockers.

    AdBlock Plus is my fave.

    as for Google, they track everything you search. if you're logged in (which you likely are on an Android), clearing cache won't cut it. you need to log in to your Google Account to see and destroy your search history.

    and you have to do that every time you want it cleared...

  • 5 months ago

    To delete Browsing History on android phone open Chrome..Tap on threedots on top right side.Drill down to Settings.Tap on it.Tap on Privacy.Click on Clear Browsing Data.One more time click Clear data.Approve clearing.

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