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Why is there a saying that most guys leave after they get what they wanted? Is it biological?

I’m referring to sex. Why is it a common known fact that most males leave after they get into a girls pants?

Is it biological? Is it right that they loss respect for thegirl so that’s why they leave them

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    Well all guys are different, so their individual motivations are going to differ. In general, male mating strategies do differ from female strategies on a biological level. How that plays out can be different, though.

    The goal of an organism is to pass its genetic material on if it can. Because men can have an opportunity to procreate pretty much at any time, it is an advantageous procreation strategy to mate with multiple women. Women on the other hand, are only fertile at certain times, and when pregnant, are more vulnerable. An advantageous strategy to ensure their genetic material gets passed on is in selecting a mate with resources or an ability/desire to protect the mother until the offspring are capable of surviving on their own.

    Now even though most men don't actually want sex to result in pregnancy these days, the drive is still deep in the wiring. Also, because we are more evolved than we once were, we are able to see that ensuring our genes are passed on can be more evolved too. Because children require a lot of nurturing to turn into healthy adults, It can be ideal for the father to stay engaged so that it is likely his genetic material will be passed on to his children's children. After all it wouldn't be good to have 10 kids, but no grandkids (from a biological perspective).

    As far as it plays out with respect and no longer being into you, that is complicated. When we are enamored, the chemicals make us think in certain ways that we do not when the subside. So it is fair to say that we may fully be more engaged before sex, and when the hormones subside, we feel less connected. Of course oxytocin is released after sex, and that encourages bonding, so that can affect things too. Our bodies dope us to make us want to have sex, and then those chemicals fade.

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    I had same thoughts when I was younger.

    Interestingly this has changed. I believe, for the most part, because my own behavior has changed.

    I stopped caring about men that much. I am not expecting much from them. I am not needy. I somewhat mentally changed places with them.

    I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. Then I move on.

    And they be chasing me. Even some are years younger. Because I don’t want any of them long term, they want me like crazy. Some are still trying 2-3 years after meeting...

    I have other goals in life. People are attracted by those, that are not NEEDY, that got something else going on for themselves, other than wanting this guy or this girl to be around...

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      Short story. There was a guy, who told me, he’d sex with many women, in his words “collecting stars for each 1”. I was next on his list. He tried so hard, even proposed lol we had connection. I gave him a chance. But didn’t work out. He is still trying to get me back. Again, they don’t like NEEDY.

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    5 months ago

    Its human nature. That which is easy to aquire is of lesser value.

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    Some guys are after sex, some aren’t.

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    And why is there “a saying” that most American women, for some apparently “biological” reason....after they get what they want from a marriage they guilted you into, after they take you for everything you have after they get bored with you...after they find some guy with more moolah than you and then get the easy ‘no-fault’ divorce and then never let you see your kids again....after all that they then cause guys like me want to commit suicide and lose to lose whatever minuscule shred of “respect “ I ever had for MYSELF....??? But that’s my perspective. You obviously have a different one. Well, well...,.

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    5 months ago

    Some do. Some don't.

    The same is the case with women as well.

    Choose the correct person if you want long term relationship.

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    5 months ago

    because it's mission accomplished. time to find another hot chick..

    but if the girl is really hot, he'd probably still coming back to her for sex..

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    They want the fun, not the burden of having to put with someone that in all likelihood won't stop with the non-stop demands.

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    5 months ago

    In short, i think there is some programming to this. I think that initially a man is sexually attracted to a woman, and that attraction is pursued to its logical conclusion- after sex, the man will, not conciously, but subconciously reassess the relationship- it will be based on whatever is important to him- but the lust is gone, the yearning is gone, so its at this point that the relationship is either cemented or dissipates.reasons not to give it up tooooooo soon.. I don't think it's something one gender is more capable of then the other, it think it's part of dating.

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  • Why is it true that any halfway decent looking chick has had over one hundred sexual partners by the time she's in her mid 30's?

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