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Law Discrimination: I put an application in at a restaurant. A friend said they will never hire me due to my facial tattoos - is that legal?

He said he knows that restaurant manager and that the man hates facial

tattoos and piercings - wouldn't that

be illegal discrimination?

How much can I sue for if he doesn't give me that job.

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    It is the right of the employer to hire who he or she feels best

    represents their business. You made the decision to scar your

    face up with what ever it is you put on it. Not the prospective


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    Of course it is.

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    Here lies the problem. Any potential employer can name a number of reasons why they do not hire a potential employee. You would have to prove that you were discriminated against. But, trust me, they will just say they hired someone else with more experience, making your claim invalid.

    When one gets facial tattoos, they need to realize that not all people find them as attractive as they do. Some people are actually offended by inked faces or those with metal stuck through their faces via piercings. Especially in an establishment that serves food as it can be very unappetizing to be served with someone with an inked face or turn the stomachs of people to see nose, eyebrow, or other facial piercings.

    I am not saying that I object, but there are restaurants that need to maintain their image and maybe facial tattoos and piercings are not that popular with their customers.

    If one wants to ink their face or pierce their face, I would think that type of appearance would be more acceptable in a biker bar or other very trendy establishment where it is more acceptable rather than main stream family restaurants or those that cater to businessmen/women. Just saying.

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    I AM an employer with several fast food franchises and you will NEVER work for me with a facial mess of tattos or piercings. Sue? For what you do not even have the job and event at that they do not even have to give you a reason you might not have been chosen.

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    You can sue for $10,000,000 if you want to, you will never get it to court

    Not hiring you because you marked your body up with nasty tattoos is not protected under any laws. The restaurant does not want a person with their face all messed up representing them to customers.

    You have no case, you will never even find a lawyer to take it. Even a sleaze ball Lawyer would not touch this one.

    Expect rejection from most employers

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    it is perfectly legal, the employer is entitled to have employees that represent him and tattoos don't work well in a service environment like a restaurant...employers do NOT have to accommodate you, you have to accommodate them

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    They get to decide who they'll get because if that wasn't the law, everybody would be working at Google.

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    have you tried a tattoo foundation to help you cover it generally employers do not hire people with a lot of tattoos unless you’re looking for a career as a tattoo parlour person or rapper. Every once in awhile I do see people with tattoos all over their arms at Starbucks but never a face tattoo (unless they work at a tattoo parlour or are a rapper or producer or something some of them

    Have face tattoos). There are a lot of strong cover ups designed for covering tattoos you can always give that a try. Hope I helped somewhat!

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    In the United States that would not be illegal.

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    Nothing he's under no obligation to give you the job,however if you already worked there and then he sacked you for facial tattoo's,then you would have reason to take him to a tribunal.

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