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In the 1985 film Clue, is Mr. Green genuinely a homosexual?

Earlier in the film he reveals he is being bribed because he is gay, and if that were made public, he would lose his important D.C. job.

Later, after killing Wadsworth, he claims he is a plant with the FBI, and at the very end of the movie, makes the remark – "I'm going to go sleep with my wife."

Was the homosexual bit a total farce? Was the final scene an irony because he is actually a heterosexual married man, or did he say that to re-affirm with his colleagues that he is a heterosexual (minimizing the question that he is a homosexual, which would lead to him losing his job)?

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    It was only a facade. So was his clumsiness. Either there was an actual "Mr. Green" being bribed for being a homosexual and this FBI agent took his place at dinner, or he himself had been pretending to be a homosexual so he could be bribed by Mr. Body and catch him. But no, after pretending throughout the evening, once he's revealed as an agent his mannerisms change and then he confesses he has a wife that he's going to sleep with, letting all know he's not gay.

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    In one of the endings, it is reveled that he his not, but saying, "I am going home to sleep with my wife."

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