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My friend is angry because I keep denying that I'm smarter than him but I am clearly not, what should I do?

My argument is that we both excel in many different aspects and there is no point in comparing our overall intelligences; he is excellent at analysing and predicting things as well as doing maths and music, while I am more into technology and business. Despite that, he keeps saying that I am smarter than him according to his own calculations. My opinion is that we cannot compare our own intelligences if we excel in different aspects yet he is still angry at me for not admitting that I am more intellectually superior.

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    he is not saying you are smarter...look closely..or maybe the 3rd person perspective helps...he is jealous of your communication skills and your ability to work with or you either need to let him know what your jealous of him for or find some other way to balance out the friendship so that he sees you as an equal and not a superior

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  • 7 months ago

    You both need to get a life.

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