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Isn't there more to life than the economy and success?

Most people vote in politics for political reasons. Do you feel that your political affiliations, economic needs EXCUSE sick, perverse, twisted, creepy, outlandish behavior from political figures?

It can be somewhat difficult to determine how much success or failure to attribute to a political figure's actions...

Though, more importantly we have to do better than just survive or succeed... Is it really enough just to live? There's more to life than the economy isn't there?

Should we start just embracing every sin, sick individual, pervert into high positions of power if it suits our political, economic needs? If we start acting like animals and talking about our own children like they are a piece of ***, and let all these things become unimportant to us....are we better off? If we let our world leaders do so just because of their "success" does that make us better off in the long run?

Can we just pretend that it doesn't matter whether or not people are decent human beings or we strive to be decent ourselves?

You really want to have sick, perverse leaders in this nation with no true moral backbone who talk about their own children in sexually lewd ways, who attack women and disabled reporters during live speeches? This man has publicly expose himself for the indecent human being that he is, any one denying that, needs another kind of education in life that they are severely lacking.


There is no reason for the "leader" to act like a indecent , creepy, twisted, perverted, sick man to do his job... being forceful and strong is not the same thing as being a disease, plague on humanity....which is basically what he is...

Update 2:

Whether or not you support him for his "politics", we need to do much better than.... what we got there...

It's not just his words... it's the man speaking them. Doesn't matter if you want to attribute success to his actions. The man is disgusting and perverse... I don't care how successful he is... This man is a big a failure as our education system in the US... people are so ignorant to not see through this man. He's a terrible human being, success doesn't make him a better man...

Update 3:

Hitler got results too and took action, simply taking action or getting results doesn't make you a better human being.

Update 4:

People need a serious re-education on what it means to treat people with respect, what it means to earn and deserve respect from others...what it means to have mature, and real intelligent and open dialogues. Isn't there more to life for you people than the economy or political theater? Don't you care or value how other people treat one another? Don't you think we should try to be a little more evolved as people and act like mature adults, regardless of who we are and who we are speaking to?

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  • 5 months ago

    Sure there is, there is sports, reading, and many other things that people do.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    There is more to life, but the quality of our lives often depends on the economy and the success of government. There's plenty of "sick, perverse, twisted, and creepy" in the nasty business of politics - that unfortunately extends to ALL political parties. Our tolerance wanes when our political party is not the one in charge. You want to change that? Make sure you vote in ALL elections.

  • 5 months ago

    Only the wealthy have the luxury to no longer care about wealth.

  • 5 months ago

    Um, I don't have time to read your entire essay, but here's the deal. Substitute 'economy and success' with 'ability to hunt and gather'. People do everything they can to provide the very best they can for themselves and their families. If a person in America is not happy with their quality of life, they need only look in the mirror to see the reason.

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  • Jeff D
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    5 months ago

    Of course there's more to life and the economy and success--things like friends and family; which is why most people don't pay a lot of attention to politics and political leaders.

  • 5 months ago

    I take it you're not going to vote for Joe Biden huh

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I agree, I will also not vote for Joe Biden.

    Trump 2020.

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