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I won a gold fish at a carnival ! Now what?

I love my new fish. It came in a small bag so I got the tiny carrying tank with pebbles. I m going to Petco. I m gonna see if it s a girl or boy. Would it be happier with the same sex or opposite? What should I get as far as the tank. I want my fish to be so happy !

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    First of all its next to impossible to tell the sex of the goldfish when that young. Second, you will need at least 30-40 gallon tank for two goldfish. As the fish grow, they will need a larger tank. You will need a strong filter as goldfish are pretty messy fish and produce a lot of waste.

    Do NOT keep your fish in anything smaller then 30 gallons if you want it to be healthy and happy. Also provide a lot of plants in the water for the fish to hide in.

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    You can donate it to a pet store

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    People tend to be very negative about carnival fish but they can thrive if looked after. Our daughter was given one, a calico, and we kept it for a year or so in a crystal champagne bucket (not a bowl, the distortion streses them out) and it was fine. because we didn't overfeed it and changed the water regularly. We then transferred it to a friend's garden pond with other (orange) goldfish and it now has hundreds of black and orange offspring. It's about 6 inches long now with a beautiful long tail.

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    what you do is not be happy because you won an abused fish that wont live too long. Best bet is to let nature take its course.

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      Unhelpful answer.... he/she should buy a 20L aquarium (at least)

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    Goldfish that you get from a carnival are usually what the pet store people call "feeder fish." They are not very healthy, and most of them will die before long. People buy them to feed to their lizards or snakes.

  • Anonymous
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    1. You didn't "win" a goldfish. You paid money to play a game and got a ten cent fish, which was in worse shape than if you'd gone to the petco and bought it from the feeder fish tank. That's not really a "win".

    2. Kept correctly it will live a long time; but it hasn't been kept correctly so far, and your chances aren't great.

    3. The correct tank would be a big tank, because they grow to be a foot long, and live 20 years at least.... So, get the largest tank you wish to pay for, or get a smaller tank and expect it to live only a year or so.

    4. You can't tell the sex of feeder fish.

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    Goldfish are immpossible to sex. The pet store can not tell you if your goldfish is a male or female, nor can they tell if one that you purchased is male or female. When they are much older, 1-2 years and larger- 3-6 inches, you may be able to start to guess.

    Your carnival prize fish is likely a common feeder gold fish that can grow an inch every month or 2, until it is 10-12 inches long. And yes they are social and do belong in groups or at least pairs.

    They are some of the largest and dirtiest fish available to hobbiests, and they need the largest tanks and filters, or they need to be in a pond.

    Get the biggest tank you can . it/they will outgrow any tank pretty much, but a 44 gallon breeder, or a 55 gallon 60-75 or 90 gallon tank that is 48 inches long will be good for a couple years most likly. I you get a marine land filter that is rated for a tank twice the size of the one you get. You will also need a bottle of water conditioner. I recomend prime, it will keep the fish healthy until the tank cycle is complete. I would use prime whith all new water, with all water changes, and i recomend that you add enough prime to dose the entire tank in between weekly water changes, once a week for the next 8 weeks, them go back to just adding it to new water.

    A kiddy pool or large bin with filter can work if you can not get an aquarium that is 48 inches long , or longer.

  • Anonymous
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    Fish (and any animal) given as a prize at any carnival has been mistreated and abused. I have spent YEARS attempting to stop this practice, circulating petitions, talking to Legislators.

    Chances are your fish will not live very long - sadly.

    You need bigger than a "tiny carrying tank with pebbles" if it DOES live. Goldfish can grow quickly. I have a goldfish which I bought from a feeder tank "just because." That was about a year ago. It is now the size of my hand. I suspect it's a carp.

    At any rate, fish are happy with other fish IF they don't fight. There is no way to predict if they will or will not fight.

  • Anonymous
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