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Air source heat pump? What do you think of them?

I have an air source heat pump as main source of heating along with emersion heater for domestic hot water. It seems quite expensive to run compared to gas. It has used 3500kwh in 3 months which in my area equates to around 1800 pounds sterling a year. Does anyone else have an air source heat pump in their homes, do you prefer compared to other heat sources such as gas?

The power usage is that is used 1kw of electric and produces an additional 2kw to total 3kw of heating power. The radiators are never boiling hot like it was in an old property with gas but does heat okay in winter.

1 Answer

  • 12 months ago

    Gas heat is more efficient than electricity for heating.

    • ruben6 months agoReport

      Simply not true. A gas boiler which is A rated is only 90 percent efficient at source. An electric convector heater is 100 percebt efficient at source. 

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