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JBL Cristalprofi e1902 canister filter noisy?

I have had my filter now for a year, it has been completely silent right up until 3 weeks ago. I cleaned the impellar and surroundings, after doing so it has been making noises and it is very annoying.

I have tried a lubricant on the impellar and surround but this didn't do a thing. The filter is not old and the impellar isn't damaged or in bad condition.

If you could give me any information as to how to stop this irritating noise, I'd be greatful.

Thank you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    There's a few possible reasons for noise.

    Usually the impeller is worn, or installed improperly,

    debris in the impeller well, misaligned shaft, damaged bushings or impeller cover (little plastic tabs cracked),

    Or, air trapped in the canister.

    Try "burping" the canister by tilting it various directions while shaking it. Verify it's not sucking air through loose connections or bubbles in the tank.

    Check the impeller again for wear or improper instalation.

    But, these canisters are notorious for having problems over time, and you might need a new impeller.

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