System Analyst worked 5½ hrs in one week He worked 37½ hrs from mon-fri he worked 4½ more hrs in sat than he did on sun How many did work wo?

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  • sepia
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    6 months ago

    System Analyst worked 7½ hrs per day in one week.

    He worked 37½ hrs from Mon - Fri.

    He worked 4½ hrs more on Sat than he did on Sun.

    He worked 2½ hrs on Sun.

    How many hours did he work?

    He worked 47 hrs.

    • Richard
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      6 months agoReport

      You ought to show the working for this piece of fiction. Nowhere does the question say how many hours were worked on Saturday or Sunday.

  • 6 months ago

    I am assuming he worked 37½ in one week.

    Assuming he worked 5½ each day from Monday to Friday, that's 27 work hours.

    37½ - 27 = 10½

    10½ - 4½ = 6

    On Sunday he worked 6 hours and on Saturday he worked 10½ hours.

    There's too much ambiguity in your question.

    • Richard
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      6 months agoReport

      The question says he works37.5 hours on Monday through Friday. Also, if it was 5.5 hours per day, then Monday to Friday would be 27.5 not 27.

  • Ian H
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    6 months ago

    I am trying to guess what the original form of the question might have been.

    He worked a total of 37½ hrs from Monday to Friday, (average 7½ per day)

    He worked an extra 5½ hrs overtime on one week

    He worked 4½ more hrs on Saturday than he did on Sunday

    How many hours did he work all together ?

    Let s be the number of hours he worked on Sunday

    That means he worked s + 4½ hrs on Saturday

    Total hours add up as 37½ + 4½ + 2s = 42 + 2s

    If he worked say 2 hours on Sunday, total would be 42 + 4 = 46 hours.

    This may not be quite what you meant, but it shows a method.

    • Richard
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      6 months agoReport

      I like your logic; however, assuming he worked 5.5 hours of overtime over the weekend with 4.5 hours more on Saturday than Sunday, that would mean he worked 5 hours on Saturday and 0.5 hours on Sunday. Total for the week would be 42 hours.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Forget MATH, reading and reporting are NOT YOUR STRONG SKILLS, are they ??

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  • 6 months ago

    Have you actually read your questions with its lack of punctuation? It makes no sense.

    He "worked 5½ hrs in one week" and he "worked 37½ hrs from mon-fri". These two statements contradict each other unless he did negative work on Saturday and Sunday.

    Let H be the hours worked on Sunday.

    37.5 + (H + 4.5) + H = 5.5


    2H = 5.5 - 42 = -36.5

    H = -18.25

    He worked -18.25 hours on Sunday and -13.75 hours on Saturday. What was he doing? Destroying the work he had done between Monday to Friday?

  • 6 months ago

    Numbers don't add up. How can he work only 5½ hrs in a week if he worked 37½ hrs mon thru friday?

    yes, and add punctuation please.

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