Would it damage my hand further to train on a punch bag?

well over a decade ago, perhaps 18 years ago i damaged the knuckle on my right hand by hitting something solid very hard, in anger, and i damaged the nerves in my knuckles region on my hand....i can still use my hand to grip etc....but in the past, it has hurt to punch anything with that hand...a specialist examined my knuckle over a decade ago and told me nothing could be done to repair my knuckle, no surgery could repair the damaged nerves...that i would just have to live with it.

i never broke anything in the knuckle through hitting something solid, but my knuckle did swell up big at the time......i have not got arthritis in the knuckle either.

anyhow, i go to a gymnasium now to keep fit and they have a punch bag there you can train on and boxing gloves to use for it....and i was wondering, could i still use a punch bag to hit and train on? it wouldn't damage my knuckle further to do so would it?

could the damaged nerves get worse if i used the punch bag or would my hand be alright and hold up to the job?

i'm a male in my early forties.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Don't do it people love you

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