Any Tattoo Apprenticeships in Chelmsford Essex?

Please dont suggest Harry Flashmans, already applied and been rejected VERY HARSHLY. I'm currently creating my portfolio with illustrative, realism and traditional etc, styles and design. Must be close to my area Chelmsford. I've been wanting to get itno tattooing for a while and have a huge passion for art and creativity.

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Lesson one. DON'T rubbish other tattoo artists. It's VERY unprofessional and immature. Harry Flashmans may have rejected you because you're just not good enough.

    Lesson two. Spelling errors and tattooing are a bad mix.... check your question.

    Lesson three. EVERYONE in the world claims to be ''passionate'' about every damn thing. It's a ridiculous expression and totally meaningless.

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