how do you live with little bodily deformities?

i am a 41 year old man and over a decade ago i damaged my little finger in a reckless accident i can't remember, now it is permanently crooked at the end, bent and droops over, the cartilage is damaged and the little finger is deformed looking....i can still use the little finger to grip with, but not as strongly as with the other little finger...a specialist told me at the hospital at the time told me no surgery could repair the finger or straighten it.

and sometimes this little deformity gets to me as i am a perfectionist at heart

here is picture

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  • 6 months ago
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    Well maybe the surgery would be able to perform the operation now, have you recently checked?

    Also you could just put up with it. Most people have things in there life there not happy with such as bad memories or injuries. It has been with you for many years so why not embrace it as part of yourself. Its what makes you special, wear it like a badge and be proud your still here.

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