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why do some people feel the need to bang their doors?

just asking because of this neighbour i think she’s mental cause she curses and screams at her child and it’s very disturbing. She bangs the doors loudly that it makes our walls vibrate which is f#cking irritating and seems like she’s always angry. Through the night some times has people over and makes noise, slamming doors, sex noises etc. Haven’t approached cause she seems mental and we’re moving soon anyways. I don’t understand why she has to keep banging doors although if she ill treats her child then she probably won’t give a damn about her neighbours. Why are some people disrespectful and so inconsiderate, are they angry or what?

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    In the moment of anger and frustration, people often lash out and the consideration for others becomes non-existent. If your neighbour's behaviour is ongoing, it is possible there are family issues and/or mental health issues. Given you are soon moving out, decide how much emotional attention you want to give your neighbours and if you feel it necessary to speak with them directly or follow up with Building Manager/Landlord/Landlady.

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    Why are you NOT calling child protective services? GEEZ

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      we want to but we have to be careful too incase she knows it’s us that called and she’s the type to vandalise your property. Plus the child services don’t always do anything about it if it’s only verbal abuse but not physical

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    if shes screarning at her child call cps, she rnight be abusing it

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    They don’t care. They don’t care they are making noise or that is bothers you. Plenty of people can be that self absorbed. And it sounds like a major anger issue too.

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    There are people who really need therapy but cannot afford therapy. You have to understand that therapy costs upwards of $50per session, and some people who need that much help can't always afford to pay such a price, so they take their anger and frustration out on objects and people instead. This is a person who has not learned how to forgive, how to let go or overlook small irritations, or how to manage their time and emotions. Sometimes help and self-realization comes from a shock or disturbance to a habit -- such as you calling Child Protective Services over her abuse of her child. Since you are moving, she would have little recourse to you being the ones who make the call. Report the child abuse, because it might be the start of sending her to needed therapy through counseling and/or group therapy sessions that are affordable. My neighbors had to go to parenting classes which were mandated by the court to get their kids returned to them from foster care, and they also ended up going to a church-sponsored "Celebrate Recovery" program, where they received free addiction recovery and counseling. I can't say enough good about such a program, where my neighbors learned from other people how to manage their drug and alcohol abuse, which in turn changed their child abuse as well. But it started with someone making a phone call to Child Protective Services and them being under a court order to change their lives for the sake of their children. Be the one who has the courage to make a phone call and perhaps it will be the moment of change for this unhappy, angry person and before it is too late for the child. Good luck, but think about this.

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