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why do a lot of janitors and custodians all look super skinny (almost sickly) looking?

I know it sounds like I'm sterol-typing, but I have worked around them for 30 years, I was thinking possibly the cleaning agents/chemicals they are constantly exposed to or am I just imagining things?

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  • yesmar
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    6 months ago
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    It's because we work so hard. According to my Fit Bit, I put in between 6 and 10 miles a day, and that's just at one job. I have two.

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  • 6 months ago

    They are on their feet all day and are physically active. That burns a lot of calories which makes them very trim and fit.

    I recommend taking up domestic housework and gardening as a regular activity. It is far more effective than any gym, and a helluva lot cheaper.

  • Buddy
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    6 months ago

    The ones I've seen are heavily affected by something called 'work'. Most people avoid it.

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