How to remove wrinkles and scarring from face?

I'm 23 years old but am often told I look closer to 30 due to the amount of wrinkles I have around my face and on my forehead. Aside from this, I have severe scarring left over from my acne years ago which has gradually faded into small clusters of indentations on the skin. A lot of people say it makes me look like Tommy Wiseau.

Tried all the methods such as moisturising, drinking more water to hydrate the skin and a few different creams but am noticing no difference at all.

I can't really afford laser treatment or Botox. Does anyone know of any effective methods of removing these wrinkles/scars?

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  • 1 year ago
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    keep trying different cream until you find the right one, different cream react differently on different people(wow that was a lot of differents). I acne scars as well and I tried using some aloe - vera gel and stuff like that and they seem to be working and there is this cream don't know the price but it is called DNage, and it seems to work well for wrinkles but also don't go spending/wasting your money on laser treatment or Botox because you are beautiful and you should not be ashamed of wrinkles or scars or stretch marks because that's what make you, you. keep drinking water and make sure you have a skin care routine it really helps.

    anyway I hoped this helped.

  • 1 year ago

    I don’t live in the US so I don’t know what the places that do botox and other facial cosmetic procedures there, but I did work in one in my country.

    You could try chemical peelings to get a couple layers of the scarring to be less noticeable, then you could get skinboosters which is a minimally invasive procedures, basically it’s a ton of vitamins and hyalouronic acid. It will cause a lifting effect, and make the scarring left behind less noticeable.

    Those are two great procedures for acne scars, fine lines, etc.

    And if your wrinkles are too deep, and the peelings and skinbooster don’t make it completely unnoticeable, try Botox. You will never want to stop getting Botox, I recommend it to everyone lol.

  • 1 year ago

    Not Botox. Maybe plastic surgery. I still have scars on half of my face from an accident 10 years ago. I just learned to live with it.

  • d
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    1 year ago

    Retin A cream, vitamin C serum, and a high SPF broad spectrum sunblock would be a good place to start. Add in some weekly alpha hydroxy acid peels, and you should hopefully notice improvements within just a few months.

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  • 1 year ago

    See a dermatologist, don't try to get real answers from a internet forum.

    However, you need to learn, either way, how to accept yourself as you are.

  • Pat
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    1 year ago

    See a dermatologist. They have the best medicines and techniques.

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