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My doggo scratches itself a lot :p?

So I have a three year old snorkie named Walter (he has that wirey hair :p) And no matter what dog shampoo we use, he will itch and itch and bite himself for hours every day. My mom was talking about it to someone at a dog park, and they said coconut oil helps. We looked it up, and found somewhere that it does help, so we gave it a try. ...it didn t work. Anyone have an idea on what was happening?

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    Thousands of dogs have an allergy to grain

    Get him a grain free dog food, which is fish based.

    Don't forget that rice is grain.

    Introduce the new food gradually.

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    It's time to get your mix-bred dog (adding a silly name doesn't make him anything else) checked by your vet. If he's that itchy, he must be miserable. Good skin and coat comes from WITHIN so any amount of external treatment may do nothing, as you've found. If you are feeding a cereal-based food, switch. Find something that lists meat, or fish as the first, main ingredient.

    Secondly there is a steriod injection that can be given which lasts for roughly 4 months - slow release. But your vet should be able to examine and correctly diagnose what's going on.

    Excessive shampooing will only make a dry skin situation worse so you should stop doing that.

    Re fleas, even if the dog is free of them, once the skin is inflammed, it will take time for itching to stop.

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    Hmm... It may be for the following reasons - Allergies, Boredom or anxiety, Dry skin, Hormonal Imbalance, Parasites. Have a visit to the vet.

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    Your dog has allergies.

    A common allergy is fleas. Make sure you are keeping up with a good flea treatment for your dog. Many shampoos are NOT enough to do the job because they only kill part of the fleas on the dog and never get them all. A good flea treatment would kill the fleas that are there now AND keep new fleas away.

    Take the dog to the vet and describe what he does. There is a medication the vet can give the dog. It is usually a shot that the dog will likely need about once every six months or so depending on how bad the allergies actually are or what the dog is allergic to. (I have a cat with allergies and I take the cat to the vet once per year to get the shot right before the season that bothers her most. She is allergic to something seasonal because she has no fleas at all)

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