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What does John Wick mean everytime he says "be seeing you" to his enemies?

Also, Fishburne's character helped john wick get a gun before john became ex comunicado. So why did the adjudicator penalize him in john wick 3??

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    “Be seeing you” is a parting phrase acknowledging that the dying character realizes and accepts they are damned to Hell. John wick also realizes he is damned and will eventually see that person again in Hell.

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  • 9 months ago

    When he says be seeing you, I think it is a professional way of telling the opponent that he respects them and does not wish to kill them at that time. Usually because they have fought well or honorably. I also think those people that he said that to will make a return to fight on his side in a later movie. That's just my guess though. As far as Fishburne's character, they penalized him because they said he knew that the gun was going to be used to kill a sitting member of the high table which is against the rules.

    • Isagani3 weeks agoReport

      I thought I'm the only one who was amused by the phrase. Short but very deep and intriguing! It's good you've got the explanation. Thanks!

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