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How do I prevent sims 4 cc from running in the task manager of my computer/taking up space on my drive?

I wanna download sims 4 cc but the last time I did, my computer got really slow because the cc I downloaded was running in the background of my computer so things like internet explorer wouldn't even open up at one point. My sims 4 game was fine and fully functional, but it was just my computer itself that had problems. My dad had to fix my computer about three or so times because of the contents of the cc running in the background which solved the problem for a short amount of time before I used my old cc since the cc I already had got deleted when my dad was fixing mu computer. After that my computer had to be taken to a shop to be fixed since the cc I downloaded put so much stuff on my computer. Because all that happened I took a break from sims 4 for a couple months and uninstalled the game, but now I wanna play sims 4 again with cc and mods but I don't want my computer to be affected by the cc and mods. Are there websites that prevent this problem from happening or do all cc websites do this? Advice?

Ps: When I downloaded cc the first time I used TSR.

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    this problem should not happen if your computer has enough resources: enough hard disk space and RAM to run Sim 4 and all its Custom Content CC..

    if you are running Windows (i have no experience running a Mac or other operating systems OS), the performance can suffer significantly if you run a lot of things in the background and if you are running out of space on your hard disk - especially if you have an SSD (solid state drive) instead of the classic magnetic HDD hard-drive device, because SSDs run much faster when there is a lot of free space on the SSD..

    so if you have less than 5GB in space over the C: drive, delete as much files as possible and uninstall as much software and apps as possible.. or upgrade your hard disk to a bigger capacity..

    and also if you are in the habit of running a lot of apps in the background, like an animated desktop wallpaper, or communication app, like Viber or Skype, you may want to quit or close-up those unused apps while playing to free as much RAM as possible.. or upgrade your computer to hold more RAM in it (minimum 8GB)..

    also avoid putting the PC on hibernation mode (on laptops it usually means putting the screen lid down without proper shutdown).. it would be far better for your system health to properly shut down the PC when not in use..

    the next step, is to remove unwanted or rarely used CC..

    even if you have done all the above, you may still run into trouble because you have a monsterous amount of CCs that are too many and too much for your PC to handle..

    upgrading the hardware: RAM and harddisk should help a lot, but too much CCs can cripple any system running Sim 4.. so you need to do some house-keeping and decide what to use and what to keep..

    and you can find a lot of videos on youtube on how to remove unwanted or rarely used CCs from your system to improve the overall performance..

    such as

    Youtube thumbnail


    inside Sim4 game, start stripping down your characters with all the unwanted CCs - basically stripping them naked (as much as possible) and remove all the makeups, accessories and items..

    next download an app called 'Sim 4 Tray Importer' which is a free software from which is basically an app that looks into your Sim 4 resources and help you to decide which CC to keep and to delete..

    the first step is important, because if you have deleted a CC that is currently used by one of the characters, you may encounter error messages during gameplay, which is why you need to strip them as naked as possible including makeups, items and accessories..

    when you locate an item (a CC) on 'the Sim 4 Tray Importer' that you do not wish to use anymore, right click, locate the item on the harddisk, and perform manual deletion as the above youtube videos instruct..

    now.. DO NOT follow these steps if you do not know much about computers.. it would be better to do these steps with someone who knows his/her way around Windows and computer parts..

    while upgrading your hardware (HDD or RAM) is better left for the experienced and for the experts..

    all the best..

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