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Those who disapprove of interracial relationships. Does it come from both sides?

When I ask if it comes from both sides . I mean does the black population frown down against a member of his or her same race , dating outside of their race? (A black woman with a white man)

Just as much as the white population's disapproval of a member of his her own race , dating outside of their race ? ( A white woman with a black a guy)

Or when it comes to interracial relationships , is it usually only the white population which is the most hateful , disapproving and judgmental ?

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    I can only speak for myself. I saw a young couple kissing at the gas station today. The guy was black and the girl was white. My reaction to what I saw was that they seemed to love each other very much and I actually thought to myself "lucky guy" because the girl was especially attractive. The guy who's car it was I was sitting in had the complete opposite reaction. I won't repeat what he said. I'm a white male that is 64 years old. I don't think my reaction to the event was exceptional in any way. Unfortunately, my friend's reaction still exists today.

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    It is a form of bestiality

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    From what I've seen, the discrimination goes both ways -- I guess we humans have a tendency to frown on (disapprove of) anything alien (that is, different from those we consider agreeable to our "standards" -- whether it's skin colour, language, religion, sect, belief system....)

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